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Monday, 8 October 2012

Free | Download | Apk |EveryCircuit v1.15

Requirement:android 1.6 up Ҩ Ҩ Ҩ Description Ҩ Design simulate electronic circuits! Ҩ jok aside, t will underst how electronic circuits work. Ҩ "I stumbled upon some serious gold" - GeekBeat.tv Ҩ "A fully realized circuit simulator" - EDA360 Insider Ҩ Build any circuit, tap play bton, watch dynamic voltage, current, charge animations. T gives insight into circuit operation no equation does. While simulation runn, adjust circuit parameters analog ****, circuit responds to actions real . even generate an arbitrary inp signal finger! Ҩ 's interactivity innovation 't find best SPICE tools PC Multisim, LTspice, OrCad PSpice (trademarks belong to ir respective owners). Ҩ EveryCircuit not just an eye candy. Under hood it packs custom-built simulation engine optimized interactive mobile use, serious numeri methods, realistic device models. short, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's current voltage laws, nonlinear semiconductor device equations, good stuff re. Ҩ Grow library of components gives freedom to design any analog digital circuit from a simple voltage divider to transistor-level masterpiece. Ҩ Schematic editor features aomatic wire r, minimalistic user interface. No nonsense, less tapping, more productivity. Ҩ Simplicity, innovation, por, combined mobility, EveryCircuit a must-have companion high school science phics students, electri engineer college students, breadboard printed circuit board (PCB) enthusiasts, ham radio hobbyists. Ҩ Free version limited sandbox area, b it still impress . If need a larger playground, a full version available. full version will employ of imagination, screen area of tablet. Ҩ Thanks to Prof. N. Maghari techni discussions, feedback, help design circuit examples. Ҩ Features: Ҩ + Animations of voltage wavems current flows Ҩ + Animations of capacitor charges Ҩ + Analog control **** adjusts circuit parameters Ҩ + Aomatic wire r Ҩ + Oscilloscope Ҩ + Seamless DC transient simulation Ҩ + Single play/pause bton simulation Ҩ + Saving loading of circuit schematic Ҩ + Mobile simulation engine built from ground-up Ҩ + Shake phone to kick-start oscillators Ҩ + Intuitive user interface Ҩ + No Ads Ҩ Components: Ҩ + Sources, signal generators Ҩ + Controlled sources (VCVS, VCCS) Ҩ + Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transmers Ҩ + Potentiometer, lamp Ҩ + Switches, SPST, SPDT Ҩ + Diodes, Zener diodes, light emitt diodes (LED) Ҩ + MOS transistors (MOSFET) Ҩ + Bipolar junction transistors (BJT) Ҩ + Ideal operational amplifier (opamp) Ҩ + Digital logic gates, , , NOT, N, NOR, XOR, XNOR Ҩ Next: Ҩ + More components Ҩ + Zoom Ҩ + Display of current wavems Ҩ If it, please rate, review, buy! Ҩ 's t version: Ҩ Undo / Redo Ҩ Saving of oscilloscope **** state Ҩ Extended range MOSFET threshold voltage Ҩ Fixed rare crash startup Ҩ User interface enhancements Ҩ play store: Ҩ Ҩ

https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.everycircuit Ҩ download:http://ul.to/ahbasvd1 Ҩ http://rapidgator.net/file/49416011/EC_v1.15.apk.html

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